pop-up shops and retail activations

We sure do love doing pop-ups! How cute is our product cart? No boring table displays here. Your customers and guests will enjoy shopping the cart for gifts and self-care treats. Our pop-ups and retail activations complement many events and environments and we can customize our format based on the space, from a home trunk show to a trade or conference event. 

Need a little rosé money this summer?  We offer a small incentive if you refer our pop-up shop or DIY to your favorite store, workout studio or event! Message us for details

Check out our insta for pics of our pop-ups and retail activations (and lots of other fun stuff!). 

A few notes on our pop-up and market policy. Our pop-ups and retail activations, if properly promoted and executed, are an excellent way to enrich your event, party or store so we just want to make sure we're on the same page:

  • Markets or events with over a $60 participation fee and/or over 4 hours long will be asked to share general event marketing plan (outreach including email, social media etc). It doesn't have to be super-involved, we just like to know that the event is being equally promoted to ensure mutual success
  • In-kind workshop activation (meaning we do workshops at your event in exchange for waived booth or market fee) will also require a few notes from you on your support plan
  • If you need any digital or print assets to promote the event to your customers, please let us know. We are happy to provide logo, images, copy and other assets
  • If you are a mixed event (i.e. a farmer's market), please let us know how you support your artisan and/or apothecary vendors (signage, social media, space & placement etc)
  • We are happy to come to your studio, office or store for a pop-up shop to enrich the shopping or event experience. There is no fee for the pop-up shop and hours may vary. If you're interested in the DIY bar experience, the menu and pricing can be found here
  • We do not use or represent MLM or networking companies. All products and formulas are created by us using ingredients from our network of professional suppliers
  • We're willing to support co-op marketing efforts (i.e. shared expense of a digital campaign to promote an event) if it makes sense for both and will drive attendance
  • Need extra help to create a support plan for an event? We can help with that as well. Drop us a line to talk about our simple best practices for event outreach to help drive attendance!

We would love to chat more about your event!