DIY Beauty Workshops and Custom Wedding Fragrance 

DIY custom wedding fragrance perfume los angeles
Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties

Looking for the best bridal shower or bachelorette party idea in Los Angeles? We've got a hint! A DIY beauty workshop in Los Angeles or Orange County makes the perfect treat for a bride and her tribe. We offer on-location DIY beauty experiences at your home, studio, store or office! Our DIY beauty workshop menu has something for every group size and event with prices starting at under $30 per guest.

 Our DIY beauty workshops are unique, creative and ‘grammable! Perfect for a wide range of ages, the DIY beauty workshop works well as the main event for the shower or bachelorette party or as an add-on activity!


Custom Wedding Fragrance

Custom wedding fragrance is a modern, luxe way to create memories of the day beyond the honeymoon. When the bride creates her own custom wedding fragrance, she can remember her wedding day - the scent will immediately remind her of her magical day! Aside from traditional perfume, the bride can also create other bath and body items in her custom wedding fragrance or we can infuse the fragrance into a candle (or candles that make perfect out of town guest gifts!).

Whether you choose a gift certificate or a workshop for the bride in your life, we know she will enjoy the experience of creating her own custom wedding fragrance.

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DIY Beauty Workshop FAQs

What is a DIY beauty workshop?

We bring the lab to you! Our mobile DIY beauty workshop comes to your home, event space, studio store or office and we bring all of the materials, ingredients and instructions for your DIY beauty project.

How it works: After determining the type of workshop (seated or pop-up bar), we work with you on choosing DIY beauty items from our menu. You and your guests have many choices - a custom perfume, body scrub, body oil, candle and more! We lead the guests through the process of creating his/her own beauty product with simple instructions, clean ingredients, tools and packaging and labels. During a seated workshop, we take extra time and care to review each ingredient and its benefits. Express and pop-up bars are a quicker experience for the guests.

Why DIY? Crafting something from scratch, particularly beauty lotions and potions is the ultimate form of self-care! DIY beauty is also the best way to know exactly what's going in your beauty products. Create your own custom perfume, blend a candle that's exactly what you want in your home or customize a body scrub that is just right! And the fun part - crafting and creating with a group is a great way to connect while you disconnect.

What about custom perfume? We love a custom perfume - it's an incredible way to express your style and personality while being 100% involved in the process. Our private DIY workshops and seated workshops are the best for custom perfume creation. We make the process simple and enjoyable - no perfume snobbery here, just a shared passion for creating a personal fragrance story. Custom perfume workshops are perfect for bridal showers and bachelorette parties and brides love having a custom perfume for the wedding day!

What's the difference between a seated workshop and a pop-up bar? Seated workshops are just that - a seated experience where each guest has a seat and goes through the creation process together (like a cooking class). At our express and pop-up bars, guests come to the bar as they please, much like ordering a drink during a party. Often, the DIY beauty recipes at our pop-up bars are quick and simple with fewer steps. It is a quick make-and-take experience that adds a fun, creative element to any event or party!

What events are best for DIY beauty workshops? The list is endless, but here are some ideas!

  • Bridal shower
  • Bachelorette party
  • Bridal gift (custom wedding fragrance)
  • Office/teambuilding events
  • Networking and community events
  • Store and studio events
  • Shopping parties and pop-ups
  • Girls' night In
  • Mother/daughter time

What if I want to create a custom blend, but I'm not in the area? No problem! We can help  you create your own custom blend through a series of digital consultations and sampling. Prices start at $125.

Drop us a line to chat about your event. We'll have you mixin' and makin' in no time!

A note on location: Our mobile service currently serves the greater LA and Orange County areas. Locations outside a 20 mile radius of 90292 may incur a small mileage fee. Contact us if you are outside the LA area and would like to bring us in for an event!