About the Brand

Costa Craft Beauty Co. is an artisanal beauty collection and DIY beauty workshop series. We create covetable personal and lifestyle products and experiences that are inspired by wanderlust and made in LA.  

We draw inspiration for our products, blends and aromas from around the world (though we’re partial to a good beach!). CCB products are crafted with love, care and knowledge to deliver results and delight. Our formulas are made with plant derived ingredients, low hazard clinically active ingredients and limited phthalate-free fragrances. We do not use SLS, parabens, phthalates or artificial dyes.

Our founder, Sarah McDaniel, has over a decade of marketing experience in the beauty space working on some of your favorite brands! She spent 10 years in NYC before making the move to the west coast where she lives with her husband and puggle in Marina Del Rey.

About the Workshops

Why should we have all the fun? Our DIY beauty workshops bring the lab experience to you! We create an educational but fun environment in various formats from pop-up bars to seated workshops. Guests create their own lotions and potions in our DIY beauty workshops throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Our workshops have been featured at Athleta LA, Beautycon LA, Yogaworks Playa Vista, J Crew and Madewell and we've had great partners for events such as Sand Sisters LA, Savoir Collab, Entity Mag and The Bloom Summit.

Visit our workshops page for more info!

About the Rebrand

Curious about our recent change? Head over to the blog for more intel on our name change.

Our Manifesto

Our mission is to delight!

With our clarity of mission comes a small manifesto that we think you might dig. Our little brand has evolved so much from the initial concept and as it continues to do so, we found it helpful to formalize what we are all about. Enjoy!


We are not organic.
A bold statement in today's greenwashed market! We want to be clear that we use the most organic and natural ingredients possible that make sense in our formulas, while still delivering delight (and results!). Our formulas are made or sourced in small batches with organic, natural and naturally-derived ingredients and while we create our products with the utmost respect for your body, your planet and your community, our mission really is to delight. We use both essential oils and synthetic fragrances, doing our best to reduce impact on your body, the planet and your pocketbook.
We seek to delight, not to cure.
While some of our formulas may use aromas that have ancillary benefits of mood lifting etc, we are not an aromatherapy brand. We LOVE aromatherapy but there are lots of others who have studied this for years and we leave this expertise to them. Our fragrance mixology workshops are purely to create fragrances that delight and just plain smell good!
We like to make stuff.
There is something super cool about actually making stuff, which is why we introduced our mixology workshops! A few hours of making something (no wifi required!) can be a form of meditation and can really help re-set you for the "real world". 
We celebrate beauty rituals and self care.
If this isn't obvious now, spend more time with us and you'll see! We're totally down with ways to take time for yourself to nurture your mind, body and soul and it doesn't have to be a full on candlelit aromatherapy bath (although this is our fave). Small moments, small rituals - these are what we celebrate with our formulas. 
We think giving back looks good on everyone.
As part of our body/world/karma promise, being socially responsible is very important to us. You'll notice that a few of our products have a permanent profit contribution to cancer and heart health organizations. We hope to grow our partnerships in the future that further connect us with our community and world. 
We value screen-free time.
While we didn't initially launch as an experience brand with a workshop offering, a discovery was made when we sat down with some girlfriends to play with formulas a while back. Everyone put their phones down (their hands were too busy!) and connected over fragrances and memories while mixing their lotions and potions. We fully believe in the meditative and bonding benefits of making something of your own - there's a reason crafts are becoming so popular again! Whether it's a mother/daughter session or a night with your girls, our laid back workshops create a chill, creative space for you to unplug for a bit.
We believe in the beauty of balance.
This goes both for our formulas and for life in general! 








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