secret service ingrown treatment serum

$ 32.00

Eliminate ingrown hairs on the bikini line caused by waxing or shaving! This unique fruit enzyme blend mildly exfoliates with naturally derived ingredients to effectively release stubborn ingrown hairs that cause bikini line bumps.

Secret Service helps clear and prevent ingrown hair by boosting cell turnover. An activated fruit enzyme blend releases stubborn ingrown hairs - the cause of unsightly bikini line bumps. Pineapple and papaya help rid the skin of impurities while gently exfoliating. Aloe Vera, Calendula and Thyme leaves help soothe and calm inflammation.

Apply to affected area twice a day. Use on dry skin. Do not apply to broken skin.

***Product image coming soon! 1 oz amber glass bottle with pump***

From Sarah:

"Secret Service has been on my mind for years. I was a wax client at a super posh midtown salon (like THE place to go) when I lived in NYC in my twenties and the product I started using back then to fight ingrowns was just not so nice on my vanity (and hard to travel with). I worked with a lab in the LA area to develop this powerful but gentle treatment - it is one of the few things that I do not make by hand right now. If ingrowns are a battle for you, check it out, you will love it!"


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