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Beautycon LA + the summer of chill - $50 off summer workshop experiences

We've been busy little bees the past few weeks at CCB! We brought the DIY experience to the Bloom Summit, The Self Love Workshop with Sandsisters LA, The House of Ambition with Savoir Collab/Lean In Los Angeles and the Entity Mag Love Yourself Summit.

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This weekend we are bringing the DIY bar to Beautycon LA! Our friends at PureWow and Blink Beauty (produced by Harmonie Krieger of Pop Your Shop) invited us to be a part of the talent lounge at Beautycon where we'll be creating custom rollerball blends! The Beautycon LA menu was created under a theme of "Choose your Chill" and we created essential blends for the guests to choose from including Recover, Refresh, Center, Escape and Energize. Stay tuned for more pictures from the event!

As a celebration of our recent events, we're offering summer workshops for $50 off (2 hour DIY bar minimum or $200 workshop minimum). Choose from our Beautycon exclusive menu, host a citrus-themed DIY bar or work with us to create a theme just for your event! Learn more about our workshops and DIY bars here.

We always remind our guests and potential guests that we do not represent network marketing or MLM (multi-level marketing) brands. We source all oils ourselves and develop our recipes and workshop concepts based on our own R&D! 

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