#mondaymotivation - beauty rituals + workouts + intentions (and a quick DIY steam shower recipe)

What does your morning beauty routine have to do with your overall wellness and bigger picture goals? Today I'm sharing a few ways your beauty rituals and routines double as a way to set intentions as you focus your thoughts and energies for the day, week or month ahead.
Many of us move through our morning routines in a frenetic rush, mind spinning around daily to-dos, maybe holding the hair dryer in one hand, iPhone clutched in the other. 
While on the surface, the acts of a dry brushing sesh or spending a few extra minutes using a body scrub or body oil seem to have everything to do with outer beauty. However, I challenge you to think of these moments as micro-movements towards your overall wellness and purpose with the scrub or the oil merely as vehicles in self-care. 
When you take a moment for these bits of self-care, you'll be gently reminding yourself to take a moment to support a mindful day while elevating your emotional energy. Take 60 seconds to apply a body scrub in the shower, focusing on your intention(s) for the day. Use the time to repeat a mantra that is aligned with your journey, take a few deep breaths and embrace the ritual. 
Are you more of a bedtime ritual person? There really is nothing more delicious than an evening sweat sesh followed by a good meal and a shower. After a tough spin class (like Method 45 at Flywheel Sports) or a kick a** megaformer class (like The Studio MDR), I love to create my own steam shower! Here's a quick recipe for a post-workout steam shower tonic:
  • 20 drops eucalyptus 
  • 10 drops lavender
  • 1 oz carrier oil (I recommend grapeseed oil)
Start your shower, making the water warm enough to build up a little steam. Place 10-20 drops of your steam shower tonic outside of the main flow of water and let the steam pick up the aroma (I put a few drops on the walls of the shower). Once the steam is rising, get in there, breathe deeply and enjoy! Use this time to thank yourself for putting in the time and energy for a good workout and set your intentions for the next day.
We can help you create your own lotions and potions to use in your daily self-care rituals; in fact, we think creating your own beauty products is the ultimate form of self-care! Check out more info on our DIY beauty workshops or join us at an upcoming event to experience the joy of DIY beauty.