Inspired by wanderlust

wan·der·lust (noun): a strong desire to travel.
When I began working on Costa Craft Beauty (formerly hush beauty labs), I wanted to create formulas and fragrances that were inspired by my travels - past and future! The Balm and The Elixir were both born out of a desire to have 1-2 products in my travel bag that could be used from toes-to-tresses without ever having to open a bottle of hotel conditioner or lotion!
Today, though, I want to chat with you specifically about the fragrance stories that I'm weaving throughout the collection. The original fragrance, French Riviera, is a tahitian vanilla and tuberose blend inspired by time spent in Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo. Warm and gorgeous, but not sugary sweet like a traditional vanilla, it truly transports you to a sunny day on the Mediterranean.
(Monte Carlo, July 2013)
Last week, on Mother's Day, I introduced Sanremo Summer as a new fragrance story. My own mother visited Sanremo in 1968 as part of a high school class trip. I was able to visit this wonderful little coastal city in 2013 and though we haven't been there together, it holds a special place in my heart. A sun-dappled haven full of green spaces inspired me to create a blend that is sparkly and bright (and the perfect summer fragrance!). I created Sanremo Summer with neroli, jasmine, amber and myrrh - the latter two help to ground an otherwise heady citrus floral. 
(outside my hotel window, Sanremo, July 2013)
The original candle fragrance that I've developed and tweaked along the way is Golden Hour, a nod to California's gorgeous golden sunsets (and to sunsets around the world!). Watch for it soon in the Elixir! The amber base of Golden Hour is lightened with lily of the valley creating a sunny but laid back vibe.
French Riviera and Sanremo Summer fragrance stories - uniquely unisex -  are now available in The Balm and The Elixir. Concentrates (perfume oils) are also available via special order. Enjoy and happy wanderlust-ing!