Identity crisis.

Do you know that my first hush product landed in my hot little hands almost 3 years ago? And that I'm really just now making sense of this journey and what this company is about - what it looks like, feels like, stands for?! I've taken more than a few time outs over the past few years, working on hush in stages when time and budget allows. When I first started sharing the product, the first question everyone asked was whether it was organic.

Then I went through a whole stage of trying to make it organic...then I did more homework on organic and natural and greenwashing and decided to take the time to figure out what I wanted hush to stand for (body/world/karma) - using organic and natural where possible and understanding where science and synthetics come into play.

I also struggled with my first several logo iterations....I loved the handwriting but more than once I heard that it was similar to another brand's name, look and feel. Oy. 

Today I unveil several more months of work in the way of a new logo - and, like the brand, is more defined, confidant and purposeful!