Crafting a new look!

Hi, loves. As you've noticed by now, we are undergoing a small makeover here! While change can sometimes be challenging, we've decided to fully embrace this journey and take the opportunity to evolve all the things you loved about hush beauty labs.

What's behind the change? Fair question. A few months ago, we discovered a very similar name and logo pop-up on the market. Obviously this was cause for concern and we took initial steps to address; however, after much (so much!) soul searching, we decided to spend our energy and resources on refreshing the brand instead of going down a potentially long legal road.

We brainstormed for days from sun up to sun down to find the perfect name that embraced our heritage as a born-in-LA brand, our wanderlust inspo and most importantly, our love and obsession for makin' stuff! Friends, family and market partners all weighed in on the name options and we landed finally on Costa Craft Beauty Co. 

Our essence remains and our formulas will not change! We also continue to develop and grow our workshops and DIY offerings so that we can all craft together. Stay tuned for updates and thank you for joining us on this continued journey.

Need more? Keep up with us on insta and check out our brand story!


Sarah and the Costa Craft Beauty Co. Team