Are hush products organic?

It seems that the obvious point of entry for a lot of brands is through an organic branding story - which we love and hold in very high regard; however our intentions and brand values go beyond this. Our approach to hush is a holistic body-world-karma value system that we have begun to share with our fans (and future fans).  

Your body

We know you care about what goes in and on your body and we respect that. Whenever possible, we use organic and natural ingredients in our formulas. While we cannot claim that our formulas are 100% organic, many are over 50%. As you know, organic and natural are not one in the same; however we also believe in the power of plant science so items such as secret service are powered by natural ingredients. Our search continues to source organic and natural ingredients that perform, are pleasing to the senses and that reduce negative impact on your body and your world.

Your world

Aside from caring for your body, we also value the health and wellness of our planet. While we understand concerns about synthetic fragrance oils, we also know that in some cases it can take hundreds of pounds of plant material to make one pound of essential oil. There are also wild species threatened by the fast-growing essential oil trade that we must keep in mind.

Our packaging is minimal; we reduce excess outer packaging when possible. Many of our containers are recyclable or upcyclable and we encourage you to reuse and regift!

Your karma

Social responsibility is not just a buzz phrase to us. We loop you in by committing 10% of our annual net profits to our communities – local and global. We believe in giving back, getting involved and making a difference. So many causes for the greater good can be impacted by our collective effort – we make it a point to challenge our partners, suppliers and friends to do the same.